PowerAD: Powerful Administration Console For Active Directory

version 1.3.1 (28/11/2003):
* Start Bug corrected
* Bug in Source Zip File with .resx file corrected

version 1.3 (24/11/2003):
* you can now see the users logged in your domain through the "Computer" builtin container
* "Status" option in the users properties, allowing you to see the last connection date, etc...
* Improved install package

version 1.2 (10/11/2003):
* english version (language auto-switch)
* user flags management (password never expires, etc...)

version 1.1 (29/10/2003):
* many bugs corrected with the feedback of PowerAD 1.0

version 1.0 (13/10/2003):
* change the properties of many users at once (and also reinit passwords)
* manage a domain in which you're not trusted
* export all the properties you want in text files ("Member of" list, etc...)
* import and export users easily with the same format as "addusers.exe"

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