PowerAd is an administration tool that can both manage an Active Directory diary and a network. Microsoft provides an MMC that can manage the Active Directory, and you can find many network management tools on Internet. But the console provided by Microsoft only have “primary” functionalities, and the network management tools that can be found are expensive, and none of them have Active Directory management integrated.

Our console have the same “basic” functionalities as the MicrosoftActive Directory users & computers” console, but it also have advanced possibilities, such ass mass property editing, mass password reinit, etc… We are also planning to develop a light web client that will have the basic settings, so the helpdesk team can reinit a password from anywhere on the network, etc…

This is software is provided under the PowerAD licence 1.0, that means it is free and open source. But you cannot sell it, that’s the main difference with the GNU General Public License. We chose to make it free and open source to create a community around this software, because there aren’t much community around Microsoft’s systems, and around free Microsoft management software. The open source also permit administrators to adapt the software to their networks.

Some Screenshots of PowerAD :

This project is produced at the EPITECH (High School of Technology) and at GAUDRIOT SA

This project is developed with the .Net environment, in the C# language.

WEKUF Team - All rights reserved.